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Welcome to Julia Cameron Live


Thank you so much for joining me in the maiden voyage of my new website. I'm very excited about this new way of teaching The Artist's Way.

As part of this creativity workshop, you'll find video lectures in bite-sized pieces discussing each week of The Artist's Way. You can watch those whenever and wherever you want. I'll also take part in conversations in the community section of the site. Here on my blog, I'll post lots of bits of information and thoughts for the day. The blog will also be where I post mini-podcasts each week where I answer your questions, so please ask away!

I will take part in "live chats" on the site, and will make sure to let you know when those are scheduled on the blog and on the Events page. You'll also find information about any in-person workshops or events I'm leading on the Events page. I do still travel often to teach the creativity tools from my books.

I feel I'm embodying the idiom "practice what you preach" with this new adventure into the digital world. I've always told those that I teach that they must not fear being a beginner - and I certainly feel like a beginner online. I hope together we can create an environment that will help artists of all stripes thrive.

Best wishes,