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The Artist’s Way and Julia Cameron Live Have Merged

The Artist’s Way Online has merged with Julia Cameron Live. Now, Artist’s Way Online memberships and forums as well as Julia Cameron’s life and work will be available in one convenient and comprehensive location: JuliaCameronLive.com. Instead of logging in to theartistsway.com, Artist’s Way members are now redirected to JuliaCameronLive. The forums and private messages formerly […]

The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon

ISBN: 0688166350 | Published by William Morrow Co-author: Mark Bryan and Catherine Allen Adapting their techniques for fostering creativity as a means to spiritual fulfillment for the workplace, the authors have shown that people can thrive at their jobs when they take time to nurture their spirit and listen to their thoughts. The book features […]

The Artist’s Date Book: A Companion Volume to The Artist’s Way

ISBN: 9780874776539 | Illustrated by Elizabeth Cameron In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron addressed a complex subject in a way that has allowed millions of aspiring and working artists to tap into their own creativity. With her companion book The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal, Cameron focused readers on one of two primary tools in […]

The Artist’s Way Workbook

Published: September 2006 | ISBN: 1585425338 A life-changing twelve-week program, The Artist’s Way, has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time, fans will have this elegantly designed and user-friendly volume for use in tandem with the book. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Penguin | Powells | BAMM […]

The Complete Artist’s Way

Published: December 2007 | ISBN: 9781585426300 Now, for the first time, all three of Julia Cameron’s twelve-week creativity programs are available in one deluxe volume entitled THE COMPLETE ARTIST’S WAY. With a new introduction by the author, this beautiful collection offers Cameron’s most vital work from the last three decades, in one essential book. THE […]

The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal

ISBN: 978-0143129417 The bestselling author of The Artist’s Way offers readers the same companion, in which we may discover ourselves, our fears and aspirations, and our life’s daily flow. Readers will find privacy, a portable writing room, where our opinions are for our own eyes. Morning Pages prioritize the day, providing clarity and comfort. With […]

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Published: October 2016 | ISBN: 0143129252 The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. An international bestseller, millions of readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist’s life. Still as vital today-or perhaps even more so-than it was when it was first published one decade ago, […]

The Artist’s Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living

Published October 2009 | ISBN9781585427475 This new book from the author of the international bestseller The Artist’s Way guides readers through a year of cultivating a deeper connection to their creative selves. The Artist’s Way has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time, fans will have a […]

Week 1: Shadow Artists

Welcome to Week 1 of The Artist’s Way online course. In the videos for this week, Julia explains some key concepts for the Artist’s Way course and shares anecdotes about her experiences with the creativity tools. Key concepts this week include: shadow artists, core negative beliefs and affirmations. After watching Shadow Artists above, you can […]

The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way online course is divided into twelve weeks of videos and prompts to complement the structure of the book. Choose a week below to watch Julia discuss the tools for unblocking your creativity.