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Prosperity Every Day

9780399169182_large_Prosperity_Every_DayOne of the primary obstructions to creativity is financial: If we had more money, we would be more creative, we say. Too often, we tell ourselves that our creative dreams are beyond our reach. In

PROSPERITY EVERY DAY: A Daily Companion on Your Journey to Greater Wealth and Happiness by bestselling creativity author Julia Cameron and Emma Lively, Cameron asserts that we have it backwards; our creativity does not depend on money. If we are more creative, we experience a greater flow and consequently, greater prosperity.

In this collection of 365 reflections on prosperity, readers will learn that financial manageability is grounded in what we have now, not what we will have. Cameron reflects on what money means to the creative personality, symbolically as well as tangibly, discovering how they can become more
prosperous with each new day of the year by shifting their perspective. With wisdom and strategies for becoming more prosperous every day of the year, this essential little volume serves as a daily reminder of how to live a full and abundant life—regardless of the size of your bank account.

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