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Floor Sample

Floor Sample: CoverPublished: August 2023 | ISBN: 9781250883964

Julia Cameron has transformed the creative lives of millions, showing them that creativity is their uniquely human birthright. But long before the tools of The Artist’s Way changed the conversation around creativity, Julia developed and used them in her own life.

Floor Sample is the story behind an artistic life—detailing Julia's years in New York, her time as a writer for Rolling Stone, her turbulent marriage to Martin Scorsese, and her painful struggle with alcohol, which ultimately led her to recovery and the methods that would form the backbone of The Artist’s Way.

The life Julia shares in her memoir is tempestuous, flitting restlessly across the country, falling in and out of love, wrestling with alcohol and mental health, but through all of it, always, her art was a fixed point and north star. Featuring a brand new prologue from the author, Floor Sample is honest and unapologetic, a glimpse into the heart and mind behind The Artist’s Way.

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