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Self-permission over Discipline

Practicing our art is more comfortable than not practicing our art. Practicing our art is more fun than not practicing our art. Something more comfortable and more fun does not take "discipline." It takes permission, self-permission. I don't write to be hard on myself. I write to be easy on myself. I write because it feels good.

When it comes to practicing our art, we are trained to self-consciousness, trained to performance anxiety. We can un-train ourselves. We are all, naturally creative, and we can all practice our creativity.

The best way to practice our creativity is what's comfortable, wearable, easy, fun for us. I wear my writing like an old pair of Chinese silk pajamas. I like it loose and easy. My friend Alex suits up to write. He likes it structured. He goes to an office. What matters is that each of us must find our own style. Some of us are morning writers, painters, composers. Some of us work on our art late at night. Some of us watch the clock. Some of us count pages. Some of us love crowded cafes, some love quiet libraries. The point is to get comfortable and give yourself permission to play.

It doesn't matter how you do it. It matters that you do it.

4 Comments on "Self-permission over Discipline"

  1. chi_learner says:

    Nice post. Great reminder, and couintepoint to the inner critic.

  2. Yes, i needed to be reminded of this today! Thank you.

  3. i appreciate this. fun and comfortable. best when i don’t attach the desire to make money to it. who cares where the money comes from. just do the writing. thank you.

  4. I am slowly learning whereas normally I am a quite fast learner of things so this says a lot, that in first starting to do what I love i.e. writing even when I start the morning pages (which I love too) I am allowed to postpone other things. Note the word “allowed”. I am for the first time putting myself and my needs, my creative spirit, first. And yes, that is a good thing. And no, I am not selfish and self-centered. I read that in your book and it did nothing for me. Didn’t think it applied to me. Well, now that I am writing this: I do feel that putting myself first was unacceptably selfish and self-centered. Another coat that does not fit me gets loosened only to leave me figuratively because it is not a physical coat but indoctrination which I made my own. You have no idea how your book is helping me become me i.e. getting my creativity out and not be stuck or crabby when I don’t write, paint, draw, or clay.

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