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Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of change. -Lord Tennyson

The world is a forest of verdant possibility. No one person controls my happiness. No one person is the source of my joy. I am rooted in universal flow. My needs for love and affection are met by many sources. I am blessed by the ability to receive love through many channels. I open my heart to the love that is offered to me by multiple sources. My heart is a mountain meadow fed by many streams. Today I practice receptivity to loving forces. At any moment, a divinely inspired intersection may occur. I accept the good which flows to me from many sides.

4 Comments on "Possibility"

  1. Beth S. McCallister says:

    Thank-you Julia, I really needed that; have been experiencing very stressful side effects for the past 60 hours or so, from pain mess. that I took. Loved “The Artist’s Way”.

  2. Beth S. McCallister says:

    Of course I meant pain meds, & I really hate taking them. But unfortunately I am having neck pain from degeneration of my cervical discs.

  3. The timing of this was so perfect for me, I needed to read it and be reminded of this truth right now. Thank you and blessings to you!

  4. Profile photo of DPriv

    The universe is so strange. I’m experiencing exactly what Julia is talking about amidst great turbulence in my life, and it is keeping me steady. Thank you for your words, as always, Julia.

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