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Answered Prayers

God supplies all that I need, when I need it, and I am open and receptive to my good. -Unknown

We often pray for help with the present or the future with a nagging sense that we aren't sure whether God hears our prayers or not. One of the fastest ways to remember that God does, indeed, hear our prayers, is to look backwards. When we look back over our history as a history of answered prayers, we experience a sense of optimism and confidence. We expect each new entreaty to add a jot to our abundance. God is inclined to say yes to us, we believe. We know that it is God's true nature to give and our own nature to receive.

Writing quickly, list five prayers that God has answered for you.

6 Comments on "Answered Prayers"

  1. Thank you, Julia, for the inspiration. I just put my beloved B&B and Carriage House workshop space on the market. All the old stuff comes up even though I know it’s the right thing to do as my moving on is creating space for God’s work to continue there in what people call “the vortex.” So, thank you.
    (I was with you in Sedona last year at Karen Ely’s place)

  2. 1. An invitation to hang out when I felt lonely.
    2. A job when I needed one.
    3. Someone asking for a drawing when I was reluctant to.
    4. Somehow, enough money to buy groceries and gas and a movie.
    5. A good life, with parents who are well.

  3. 1. Answers to questions I have at night (I listen for them the next day)
    2. Greater possibilities
    3. Good health
    4. A creative and wonderful companion
    5. Renewed sense of artistry

  4. i know God answers my prayers but sometimes i forget so ..
    thankyou God for helping me find this page and the artists way ..
    thankyou for helping me beat drug addiction ..
    thankyou for the wonderful gift of my creative outlet
    thankyou for my loving and supportive family
    thankyou for helping me to feel good about myself .. just a bit .. !! .. but more and more .. !!
    thankyou for allowing me to hope ..

  5. There have been many times, always unexpected:

    1. Being able to travel and see the world
    2. Getting my dream job – where I have the power to fulfill my purpose
    3. Having my sister find me in my late 20s – on Facebook of all places(!) – after me leaving an abusive home ten years earlier
    4. Being able to breathe when I most needed it
    5. Meeting various elders from my community whose wisdom advise me and show me how to become the person I am meant to be

  6. Donna Puleo says:

    Reversing my paralysis.

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