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Welcome to Julia Cameron Live

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Home of Julia Cameron and The Right to Write Video Course

The Right to Write Video Course is an invitation — and initiation — into the writing life. Tools will free your inner writer from painful constriction and fear. Learn a new mythology around writing, release negatives, and focus on the positive — and possible — joys of writing.

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The Artist's Way Video Course


The Artist’s Way Video Course is an intensive, 12-week course following the creative recovery process of The Artist’s Way. The most comprehensive discussion Julia has ever done on the work, this is a unique look into Julia’s thoughts and reflections on The Artist’s Way twenty years after it was published. Bringing her current insights to all of the concepts first discussed in The Artist’s Way, this is also the first time Julia has allowed cameras in her home. The videos offer the viewers the intimate experience of joining Julia one-on-one in her living room in Santa Fe-- much like the very first “guinea pigs” of the tools did more than two decades ago.

The Artist’s Way Video Course simulates the experience of studying with Julia in a live workshop format as she shares exclusive insight and anecdotes fueled by twenty-five years of teaching creativity workshops around the world. Signing up for the course gives the viewer lifetime access to the videos, viewable on all devices and broken down into bite-sized segments that add up to a comprehensive course to be revisited at any time.

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Unblock your creativity with this online course for just 149.00. The one-time cost includes a lifetime of access to The Artist’s Way Video Course, where you can watch the videos at your own pace, returning to them as often as you wish.  We use PayPal as our payment service. Click the button above to begin the sign up process.