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The Wish to be Original

The root of the word “original” is origin. We are the origin of our work. It is the ego’s demand that our work be totally original-— as if such a thing were possible. All work is influenced by other work. All people are influenced by other people. No man is an island and no piece […]

Saying “thank you”

We like to believe we must make things happen. We also like to believe we can’t. This means we worry about our powerlessness and get steeped in our own bitterness. The truth is, we are meant to co-create. In other words, we both make things happen and let things happen; we imagine and then we […]

Love in the DMZ

This month marks the release of my novella collection. I’m thrilled to share this work! Love in the DMZ represents writing at its most intimate. The stories of the book are told in lovers’ letters. It brings the reader a unique sense of secrecy, as if spying on the relationships at hand. For me as […]

Morning Pages– why in the morning?

“Julia,” I am often asked, “Must the Morning Pages be done in the morning?” “Yes,” I answer. “They must be done in the morning.” Why? We are aiming to catch ourselves before our ego is awake, before its defenses are in place. We want to be vulnerable. If we wait to do pages late in […]

A book is finished…now what? Or, “the post-project blues”

Yesterday, I finished a project. I put the final touches on a book and emailed it to my editor. For myself, I like the book, but I am always nervous until it is read and accepted. My editor promised she’d read quickly, but in the meanwhile, I have stepped off the cliff and into space. […]


I love integrity. I am authentic in my responses to people and events. I respond with dignity and courage from a core belief that I am worthy. My values are worthwhile. My principles are shaped by my inner knowing, not by my external circumstances. I bring to the changing flow of life events an inner […]

The Natural World

The natural world is my home and my haven. I cherish the natural world. I see it in the wisdom of God’s unfolding. I surrender my resistance to unfolding fully and beautifully. I embrace the mystery of my own evolution. I invite my divine nature to expand and nurture myself and others. -from Prayers to […]

Spirit is With Us

Our cities are not soulless. They are cathedrals. The high spires of man’s endeavors reach toward God. Do not feel lost among the multitudes. My eye is always upon you. The crowded city street is still in my safekeeping. Each face is known to me. Each face is beloved. You worry that your prayer goes […]

Is everyone creative?

Yes. I believe that everyone is creative. Whether you declare yourself an artist or not, you make creative choices every day. You are handcrafting a unique life whether you feel you are “artistic” or not. I have been teaching for 30 years. I have never met anyone who was totally not creative. I think if […]

Self-permission over Discipline

Practicing our art is more comfortable than not practicing our art. Practicing our art is more fun than not practicing our art. Something more comfortable and more fun does not take “discipline.” It takes permission, self-permission. I don’t write to be hard on myself. I write to be easy on myself. I write because it […]