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Why Walk?

When I wrote The Artist’s Way, I got all the way to week twelve and said, P.S. Walk. I have been teaching now for twenty years since the publication of the book, and I now realize that there are three basic tools, not two, and they are Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Walks.

I find that if you walk, you start to integrate what has occurred to you from the other tools. You might walk out with a problem, but as you walk, you come into a solution. You just get a different perspective. You go out for a walk, maybe see a cat in a window box, and suddenly hear yourself saying “Oh, I could try X.” Walking is very powerful.

10 Comments on "Why Walk?"

  1. I shall try it!

  2. Your perspective changes with every step! 🙂

  3. The decades since you wrote it though you’ve made sure to emphasize walking …

  4. I am surprised that you don’t list Affirmations as a tool?

  5. Been a walker (and cyclist & Mass Transit user) all my life (no car), so lots of creativity has developed from these activities the past 15 years or so.

    Also, as a Cat Blogger, camera in tow, I see cats everywhere it seems. 😀

  6. I completely agree!

  7. I had been using walks separately, for years, so I was primed to notice this: taking a walk is actually a first-week exercise, at least in the 10th Anniversary Edition.

  8. I feel a need to move my body, yes. I don’t actually FEEL LIKE getting up and walking or going to yoga, but I know it’s necessary.

    I was in counselling, and was given your book, I should tell you. This was way over a year ago (had attempted suicide, which would have orphaned my son, then 15). Because I wasn’t going to continuing counselling, I had to give the book back and did not read it all. I just want to let you know I was very impressed. I have “a book in me”, and if you saw my blog, you’d see since mid 2011 (that’s when I came out of hospital and decided “I’m going to tell my story if it’s THE LAST THING I DO) – since mid 2011 I’ve been drafting it on my blog, feeling that if I have an audience I will be pushed to write another chapter – for, you see, procrastination and self sabotage and underachievement are themes of my life, but I’m not “okay” with that any more.

    I’m sorry if I’ve said too much, but really wanted to say I admire you, and I remember the book, and it really looked hopeful – something I would like to teach.



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